Cabinetfacers Inc.

Our story starts here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, back when our founder, Robert Handsford, was working for a franchise by the name of “Cabinetpak”. After working for Cabinetpak for many years, Hanford decided to break off from the company to create a legacy of his own, to which we now know as CabinetFacers. Our current owner, who has been refacing cabinets since the age of 12, began working for the company in 2010 as an installer and after four years of working diligently, was given the opportunity to buy the company from Hanford who was now retiring. Willing to take on the challenge and create a legacy of his own, Leonard took his opportunity with stride.

Since becoming the CEO of CabinetFacers, his goal has been to expand the company beyond solely cabinet re-facing and thankfully his background woodworking has allowed him to do so. Being able to create custom cabinets from the ground up has not only allowed him to tap into new opportunities in the residential industry, but the commercial industries as well. Moving forward, his new goal for the company is move CabinetFacers into modern day industries while maintaining the quality they have provided for over 35 years.

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